My Story
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Hello. I am Attorney Remus Romano Reyes (Atty. RRR). You are here because you have downloaded my E-Book “Writing Your Destiny through R.E.M.V.S. (Ritual Enhancement and Mental Visualization System)”

I have a few questions for you to answer. What would it be like if you pass the Bar Examinations and become a lawyer? How would you feel? Would your family be happy? Would you feel successful?

I sure do, because I became a lawyer at the age 41 and saw the massive growth and productivity I have accomplished since then. I became a Professor of Law, Author, a Court Litigator, a Director and Expert at Public Procurement, Advocate of Good Governance and Productivity, Anti-Corruption Activist, Coach and Mentor to both public and private Corporations. I also provide mentoring, coaching, and advising as a Certified Life Coach to individual personal development in the area of wealth creation and business excellence to companies. All of my services are customized by providing resonant, resilient, and relevant interventions.

I am here today to provide an answer to your dreams of becoming a lawyer. Are you ready? Let’s do it! >>> Next